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While technological strides have made motorcycles safer to ride over the years, they still do not have the steel and airbags that cars are equipped with for the protection of drivers and passengers. That means it’s up to you to keep safety in mind while you ride. READ MORE >>

In recent years, there's been a trend to skip the family vacation in favor of a more affordable stay-cation. As the economy recovers, more people are venturing away from home, but still looking for budget-friendly options that let them have better control over the costs. READ MORE >>

Drunk driving is dangerous. You’ve heard it before and we don’t need to explain it again. But what happens if you slip up? Dangers aside, it is worth explaining the consequences of your actions. If you’re caught driving drunk (after measuring a blood alcohol content of at least 0. READ MORE >>

Before you hit the road it is worthwhile to consider how to maximize your gas mileage. When driving long distances, increasing the fuel economy of your car by a couple percentage points can save you a significant amount of money. Here are some tips. Select the Most Efficient Car READ MORE >>

You probably have a comprehensive RV insurance policy that covers you in case you get into a serious situation this summer, but it's essential to do your best to prevent having to make a claim in the first place. While this may sound like a way to help insurance companies profit, it's also in your best interests. READ MORE >>

An SR-22 is something that most drivers aren’t required to have unless you have had multiple serious driving violations. However, if you have been ordered to obtain one, you may think it will complicate the car insurance process. The truth is that they are pretty straightforward and not nearly as bad as many drivers think. READ MORE >>

When you apply the brakes in your car, a complex system of mechanical components work together to bring you to a stop. The fact that it reliably stops your three ton car thousands of times over years of use is an amazing thing. However, everything mechanical wears out over time and your brakes are no exception to this. READ MORE >>

If thieves don’t see it, they won’t steal it. Sounds simple, right?  Unfortunately, keeping your motorcycle concealed in your garage isn't always enough to thwart thieves who are adamant on stealing your ride. It certainly doesn't stop your bike from getting stolen on the street or from a parking space. READ MORE >>

Buying any kind of used vehicle has its risks. Whether this is your first motorcycle purchase or your fourth, consider these simple questions and follow this guide to make sure the motorcycle you're buying is working in the way you expect. Ask the Seller Questions READ MORE >>

Technically, SR-22 is not automobile insurance. SR stands for safety responsibility, and SR-22 is a form that an insurance company files with the state testifying that a driver has insurance coverage that meets that particular state's minimum requirements. Drivers who need SR-22 are those found guilty of a major traffic violation. READ MORE >>

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