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As the weather warms, boaters will take their crafts out on the open water for fun and relaxation. Among the many pursuits enjoyed are exploration, fishing and water sports. However, with this activity comes the potential for accidents and injury. Make sure you enjoy the season without incident by following these five boating safety tips. READ MORE >>

A fire on your boat—especially while far from land—could spell disaster. Your preparation tactics could be the difference between extinguishing a fire and watching your boat burn. Before hitting the water, review these fire safety tips with your family and equip your boat with the proper equipment. READ MORE >>

A safe, enjoyable RV trip requires quite a bit of planning in advance. After all, you probably have a reason for taking a trip, but you may also have time or budget constraints that you have to adhere to. We’ve put together some tips to help you get organized when it comes time to plan your next trip. READ MORE >>

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to cause serious injury or death than accidents involving other vehicle types. An accident situation that would cause a minor fender-bender between two cars could be fatal if a motorcycle were involved. One important advantage of the motorcyclist is that he has an unobstructed view of the road. READ MORE >>

As spring blossoms across the country, boaters are growing more anxious to get back on the water. But before you barrel down to the marina on the first warm, sunny day, take a moment to prepare. There’s an inherent danger to being on open water and it’s best to consider these risks so you can bring the appropriate equipment to minimize them. READ MORE >>

A large number of people are misinformed about SR-22 insurance, if they’ve heard of it at all. In this article, we’ll bust some common myths so you’ll know what to expect if you ever find yourself in the position of filing for an SR-22. Myth: SR-22 insurance will replace your auto insurance READ MORE >>

Motorcyclists have less room for error than car drivers. They lack the stability, the protective cage, the crumple zones, the seat belts and air bags enjoyed by operators of four-wheeled vehicles. Unlike motorcyclists, car drivers wearing seat belts aren't ejected from their vehicles in accidents. READ MORE >>

Enjoy long distance road trips? Are you planning a vacation in another state? Then you should know that you have pay attention when it comes to following speed limits that can change with every state you pass through. Every state has its own regulations and when you spend a lot of time traveling the highways, you can easily forget about speed limit changes after you cross state lines. READ MORE >>

Holding RV insurance is not only the law, but it also protects your investment and the valuables stored inside the vehicle. There’s no denying that purchasing RV insurance is a wise decision. But even so, it’s always nice to save money. Follow these tips and you just might see your RV insurance premiums drop! READ MORE >>

Tips for driving safely in snow and rain are commonly shared. But driving safely in fog is often overlooked. Consider the following tips to keep you and your passengers safe while driving in foggy weather. Drive Slowly Slowing down decreases the likelihood of having a collision. READ MORE >>

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