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Auto Insurance Express Blog: sr-22 insurance

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The requirement to have an SR-22 insurance certificate often means that the driver is a high risk. Auto insurance costs often relate directly to a person’s level of risk. In other words, high-risk drivers are likely to spend more for the car insurance they need.  READ MORE >>

When you are required by law to have an SR-22 insurance statement in place, that means you have, for some reason, caused the Department of Motor Vehicles to feel you are a high-risk driver. There are many reasons this can occur, but most commonly it is due to having a high number of accidents, numerous moving violations or driving under the influence. READ MORE >>

SR-22 auto insurance is often required if you are prone to accidents, or if you’ve received a ticket for driving under the influence (DUI). Remaining compliant with the requirements of SR-22 insurance doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience. READ MORE >>

Rules differ by states, but SR22 and FR44 are names for the documents that the state will require some drivers to have on file in order to prove financial responsibility. Basically, they prove that the driver carries the required minimum car liability insurance, according to the state's laws. READ MORE >>

You rely on your car daily. From getting to work to taking your children to school, having the ability to drive is liberating. However, getting slapped with an SR-22 requirement may have you a little nervous about your ability to continue to drive. Although the matter is serious, driving safely is your ticket to overcoming your SR-22 requirement. READ MORE >>

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that insurance providers calculate auto insurance rates based on the level of risk you present as a customer. In short, the more likely you are to cost the company money, the higher you’ll pay for coverage. But what does it take to be classified as a high risk driver? READ MORE >>

Drunk driving is dangerous. You’ve heard it before and we don’t need to explain it again. But what happens if you slip up? Dangers aside, it is worth explaining the consequences of your actions. If you’re caught driving drunk (after measuring a blood alcohol content of at least 0. READ MORE >>

An SR-22 is something that most drivers aren’t required to have unless you have had multiple serious driving violations. However, if you have been ordered to obtain one, you may think it will complicate the car insurance process. The truth is that they are pretty straightforward and not nearly as bad as many drivers think. READ MORE >>

A large number of people are misinformed about SR-22 insurance, if they’ve heard of it at all. In this article, we’ll bust some common myths so you’ll know what to expect if you ever find yourself in the position of filing for an SR-22. Myth: SR-22 insurance will replace your auto insurance READ MORE >>

Driving through rush hour traffic is enough to make anyone irritated. But driving with road rage is dangerous for you and everyone who shares the road. Plus, letting that stress get to you is also bad for your health. Instead, try these tips for reducing that anger and keeping a cool head while driving. READ MORE >>

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